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Costs (non-EU-citizens)

Establishing a GmbH for a fixed price and individual additional services

Packages for non-EU citizens

Basic package 4.000,00 €*Premium package
7.000,00 €*
30-minute incorporation discussion with a lawyer in EnglishOne 30-minute incorporation discussion
before, during and after the incorporation phase with a lawyer in English
Shareholders’ agreement in English
Review as to whether the requirements for the incorporation are met
Clarification with the IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) regarding permissibility
Review of the registration in the trades register
Scheduling a meeting with the notary
Preparation and follow-up for the meeting with the notary
Information on how to open a business account
Taking care of all formalities related to the registration of the GmbH
Review of requests for payment
Sending an excerpt from the commercial register
Preparation of the business registration
Where applicable, support with entry in the trademark register
Sample agreement package including a managing director agreement and various employment agreements
Establishing contact with a german expert for preparing a business plan, a financing plan, a marketing strategy and an earnings forecast
Assistance with completing the relevant applications in german for a residence permit

*Costs of the notarial registration, the registration in the commercial register, business plan and entry in the trademark register and other external expenses, for example for interpreters, are not included in the fees specified. The offer only applies to the establishing of a company with up to three shareholders. Different prices for companies with four or more shareholders and for independent professions (“freie Berufe”). We will gladly provide information for your specific situation.

Please consult with your tax consultant with respect to tax matters. Prices are exclusive of value-added tax in the amount of 19%.

In the area of establishing a company internationally, in particular, it is often difficult to find the right contacts and cooperation partners, also because the language can be a barrier. We will assist you with this using our network of trustworthy German experts with whom you can correspond in English.

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